Back to school?

School bus

The first year that I could ever remember not going back to school in the fall was a tough one. I had graduated from college the December before, was working as a reporter in a small town in Ohio, and it hit me surprisingly hard that I didn’t need to purchase school supplies and books or travel half way across the country to return to college…

For a few weeks, I was desperately missing school.

As I look back, I think that I was actually missing the fresh start that fall always brought. I missed the new adventure, the change of pace. As an adult, so much of the year runs together in a muddled mess. There aren’t the time markers that you have as a child–new school year, Christmas break, summer vacation. Instead, it’s just one day of work after another.

It isn’t bad, but I had to learn to adjust, to create a rhythm of my own.

By the next fall, I was returning to school–graduate school. Three years later I graduated, and now I’m experiencing my second fall of not returning to school.

It’s different this time.

I’m married, I have a home, a family (as small as we are). I have more responsibilities. Honestly, I’m glad that I don’t have to add the stress of school back into my life.

But I do miss the freshness. The starting-over-ness. The change. The rhythm.

Perhaps it’s time to start some different early fall traditions. Ones that can mark the start of a new season and give my life a new rhythm.

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