Good times and heartaches

Family is something special…something to be held onto for all your worth, something to be treasured and cherished, something to be grateful for and never take for granted.

Ohio holds so many special memories for me–starting when my brother Peter moved there when I was just 16. I took my first solo road trip to Ohio for a long weekend visit. My sis-in-law and I spent days chatting, laughing, loving, watching movies in bed all afternoon and picking blueberries at a nearby farm. We discovered a great little coffee shop and the best pizza in town.

Over the years, my sweet memories of Ohio have grown. I helped Peter and Kelly move into their first house. I was there just two weeks after the twins were born to help with middle-of-the-night feedings. I helped my parents move to a nearby town and set up their new home. I lived there for a summer enjoying family time and taking the twins to their first ever Twinsfest in Twinsburg, OH.

With the twins when they were newborns

Swimming in the lake.

I helped Peter and Kelly move to their second house. I slept all night with a very (very) sick 3-year-old in my bed when my sister-in-law went into early labor. I was there to visit little Sarah when she was mere hours old.

With Sarah hours after she was born.

Ohio is where I got my first full-time, real career job as a newspaper reporter.

Working as a reporter.

Ohio is where I rented my first apartment all by myself. And where I made life-long friendships, like my future maid of honor.

I met my best friend in Ohio.

It’s incredible to think that all of the time I spent there doesn’t even add up to two years.

I love living in Virginia, but when I visit Ohio, there is something special waiting to greet me–family.

This time, I went to visit my newest little nephew, Peter James Jr. At two weeks old, he is the sweetest, most adorable and cuddly little thing. I spent hours just holding him…feeding him, burping him, changing him… I hardly let anyone else have a chance =).

Holding my new nephew.

I also spent precious hours entertaining my nieces, they grow so quickly when I’m not there! Little Sarah is talking in complete (or near complete) sentences now, instead of toddler gibberish that only parents understand. Abby and Julia are reading and writing on their own.

My brother and his middle child, Sarah.

Celebrating my birthday with my nieces.
Celebrating my birthday with my nieces.

Next time I visit, little Peter will have changed so, so much. It makes my heart ache to realize how much I will miss. There are so many wonderful things about my life in Virginia that it’s easy to forget how much it’s lacking. Baby Peter won’t be a baby for long, and I dread missing that wonderful stage.

I love you, baby Peter.

But for now, I carry with me the feel of his tiny body in my arms, the smell of his newborn skin, and the memories of a simply delightful visit with family.

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