Lifestyle changes…

As the rhythms of life ebb and flow, change and transition, I find myself changing and transitioning with them. It’s good. Growth is good.

But it’s change, and change is hard.

We are in the process of selling my pretty little sports car (which I have thoroughly enjoyed for the past three years), because it is simply too small. Too small to fit very many people. Too small to even really fit Husband. Far too small to tow a horse trailer.

So my lovely little lady will be looking for a new home.

My old car

However, in it’s place, we purchased a 2004 Tacoma; ie. more room, more power, more everything. And I have to admit, for a truck, it’s a thing of beauty.

My new truck

I might miss my zippy little sports car, but we need a truck to hold all the blessings in our life right now! And that’s nothing to complain about =).

And, as an added bonus, once we get around to installing a hitch on the new truck, I can tow this lovely thing around:

My horse trailer
Photo is from our return trip from Ohio last Thanksgiving, where we actually purchased the trailer. We had to borrow a truck to make that trip!

Which means I can take this girl trail riding:

My little girl, Chappy.

So even if it is a little bittersweet, this change is more sweet than bitter.

My new truck

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