Real life

After a weekend of wonderful guests, rich food, and once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, Husband and I have returned to real life.

It’s not the exactly the withdrawal that I we often feel after a much anticipated event like Christmas. After all, Christmas is a part of everyday life for a month or more, before it suddenly vanishes.

Graduation on the other hand, was more like stepping out of my life for a weekend in another world, and suddenly I’ve been plopped back down in real life. Not a let down so much as whiplash.

But real life is good too. Real life has rhythm and harmony. Real life has rainbow colored soap at the car wash.

Rainbow of soap

Real life has bike rides down a country lane…

Riding bikes in the country.

…and signs that make me smile.

Hollydays sign

Real life is beautiful too, in it’s own quiet way.

It just takes a little time to adjust to the quiet after so many late night conversations and rich, glorious laughter. But the truth is–I like quiet.

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