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Instead of making New Year resolutions (I never really knew what to use as a resolution anyway), I have been “adopting” a word for my year. It takes some serious time and thought to come up with the right one, but it defines my entire year.

Last year, I chose the word “steward.” My goal was to focus on being the best steward of my time, energy, and resources. And it was a wonderful focus word! I’m still working on it (trust me), but now whenever I make a decision I am in the habit of considering how it fits with my goal of stewardship.

Now, I am poised to adopt another word, this time for 2012. Husband and I are still working on our stewardship, but the more recent word I feel the Lord is revealing to me is “slowing.” Everywhere I turn it seems like the Lord is prompting me to learn how to slow.

So this year, my goal is to consider slowing in my everyday life. Maybe that means hot tea and scones with friends, or maybe a walk in lovely weather of my lunch break. Or, perhaps, slowing means taking more time to read my Bible and ponder. Over all, I think if I can apply this word to daily life, I will find my quality of life increase exponentially. I want to simply enjoy the blessings that have been bestowed on me, the people that I am lucky enough to have in my life.

Although I have no idea where the word “slowing” will take me in 2012, I see it increasing my desire to purge “stuff” from my life (more to come on that later). I see it increasing my allotted time to relax. I see it increasing the number of easy smiles and decreasing the tension headaches. I see it included yoga, Bible study, reading, friendships, and so many of the really good things in my life.

So this year, I will slow.

What will your word for 2012 be?

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