Time to purge

So I am purging in preparation for the New Year. Yesterday, Husband and I celebrated Boxing Day in our own little way by packaging up a few boxes of items we really don’t need to donate to a thrift store that benefits the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.

Today I am continuing my cleansing by unsubscribing to vast numbers of emails that I receive almost daily. Many of these are places that I will continue to frequent as I have the spending money, but I don’t need near daily reminders of all the “good deals” they are offering. I don’t have the funds to purchase good deals every day. In the midst of my purging I discovered that many of these emails will allow me to choose to receive fewer emails (such as once monthly) or only coupon emails. Very helpful indeed.

More things on my list of purging:

  • Boxes in the garage. (I don’t even know what’s in half of them!)
  • Boxes under our bed. (Again, what is even in them?)
  • Dog toys. (Or rather, scraps of fabric that used to be dog toys. I also want to wash and put away some of Ginger’s older toys as she is so engrossed in the new ones from Christmas. Then I can bring out the old ones when she needs a distraction…)
  • Pantry shelves. (It’s not even the food I’m worried about (that’s Husband’s domain) but all the disorganized paper products and plasticware and tablecloths…we need some order to things)
  • My desk. (Way too many papers, not nearly enough space. Now that the semester is over, I can at least purge school papers!)
  • Magazines. (Why is it that I can’t bring myself to throw magazines away? Even ones I don’t read…)
  • Crafting room. (It’s a disaster after Christmas.)
  • Barn clothes. (Do I really need that many shabby articles of clothing for the barn?)
  • Ginger’s closet. (Yes, our dog has a closet. And it desperately needs to be organized…first step is finding a container large enough to hold a bag of dog food.)
  • Linen closet. (I am thankful to say that my linens are in wonderful shape, but my extra toiletries…those could use a little help. Or maybe a lot. Does anyone else feel like they inadvertently collect toiletries? I’m ready to get rid of anything I won’t use, and use up anything I will.)

    I’m sure many more areas of our home will have to go through the purging process, but this looks like a good start to me!

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