Would you like to meet the newest members of my little family? I thought so =).

These adorable creatures were my Christmas present from Husband. Their names are Gidget and Fidget, and although they look a whole lot alike, there are some very distinct personality differences here–mainly that Gidget loves people and loves to curl up in my sweatshirt hood, and Fidget loves to escape us to explore.

Sugar Glider

They are Sugar Gliders, which is a type of marsupial from Australia. I still have a lot to learn about these guys, but I’ve been doing my research and they are truly fascinating characters. They love to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, they have opposable thumbs on both their hands and feet, which makes them great at climbing, hanging upside down, and holding things with their feet. When they walk, they waddle. They like to jump from one person to another and they climb up really high and glide down like a flying squirrel.

My Christmas present from Husband

In the wild, they live in tree tops and eat meal-worms and tree sap that they find under the bark. They like to sleep somewhere soft, though, so my girlies have a hanging pouch of fleece that they huddle in. Like many little creatures, they are nocturnal (you can see how adorably big their eyes are!), so I have mine set up in a room with a red light–easier for us to see them without hurting their eyes.

New family members!

New sugar glider

Many more pics to come, I’m sure. They’re too adorable not to photograph!

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