For the love of snow

This Northern girl is having a hard time dealing with Southern winters. Back when I lived in Buffalo, NY or Billings, MT I would have LOVED a December day in the 70s. But now? Not so much.

I’m desperately missing snow. I never thought I would miss those blizzards–the ones where snow falls horizontally and 6-8 feet of snow arrives in a few crazy hours. I might even have to resort to extreme action.

Husband is a Southern baby all the way (in spite of his consistent claim that his parents are from Upstate New York). He doesn’t seem to understand my inexplicable desire for white, fluffy goodness, especially for someone who so hates to be cold.

But Husband has only rarely experienced a white Christmas, so I just shake my head. He simply doesn’t understand what he’s missing. He doesn’t ski or snowboard or participate in any other lovely winter sport, around here snow is just, well, a mess. Sad. Can you believe I haven’t hit the slopes since I moved to Virginia over two years ago? Two years! It’s heart breaking…

It looks like I will have to content myself with this lovely desk accessory for my snow this year.

Snow tissues

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