Christmas confessions…

Can I make a confession?

I am a Christmas-stuff hoarder.

It’s true. I have WAY too many Christmas decorations. Things that I collected as a child–completely without reservation and without discernment. For years they have been packed away in my parents’ attic, out of sight out of mind.

But this year Husband and I brought them home…in a horse trailer. Yes, a horse trailer full of Christmas decor. And you know what? A lot of it is tacky enough or damaged enough that I wouldn’t even want to look at it in my house.

I have loved Christmas as long as I can remember. Maybe it has something to do with my name, maybe something to do with my personality, I don’t know. But I love Christmas. And so I had a tendency toward collecting every Christmas item I could get my hands on.

Some of these items I truly treasure–my ornaments from childhood, my great grandmother’s shelf elf, my hand-painted Holly Mountain Lodge dishes…

Christmas dishes

Other things, though, well… it’s time to say goodbye.

This year I determined to go through each and every box of Christmas decorations and purge anything that I would be embarrassed to display in my home along with anything I simply don’t think I have a use for.

So far, I have been able to collect one full paper bag and one cardboard box of things to donate. And, of course, there was a good sized trash bag too.

I have also realized that I can’t set up my house for Christmas in a very organized manner. In fact, it’s downright messy. But it’s fun =).

Christmas mess

I am totally in love with our cozy home and the little touches that make it ours. This time of year, the house glitters and sparkles with lights and candles, ribbons and bows, reds, greens, and golds. Gifts are tucked under the Christmas tree and

Christmas cards

Christmas Eve gift

Christmas Ball


Christmas ornament

Only one more week before Christmas, and a four-day weekend to celebrate!

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