TC 11: Education

Okay, this is a hard one, so let me just say it: I am thankful for my education.

Why is that so hard to say? Usually it’s not. But tonight? Well, I have a paper due tomorrow by midnight and I completely forgot about it so I just started it this evening. Not very grad-school-prepared of me is it?

Oh, I was uber-prepared in undergrad, and my first year of grad school, and even my second…but this is semester 5 of grad school, and I’m ready for it to be over.

I still love learning. Really. And I really do love education. I’m in graduate school for a reason. I love to learn. I love what I have learned. I value education. I value learning.

But right now I am in the middle of my VERY LAST CLASS of graduate school, and, among other things, it is a substitute for the class I was supposed to take and isn’t even in my specific field. Soooo, it’s hard to really want to put my all into it.

Plus, there is the little thing where I GOT MARRIED half way through graduate school, and my life changed drastically. And then there’s the other little thing where I am now working full time instead of part time and still trying to finish school in my “spare time” (whatever that is).

So I’m hardly motivated to spend hours and hours working on a paper analyzing the design and content of a news website when I really would rather be spending my Monday date night on an actual date, instead of having Husband cooking in the kitchen and me sitting on my new couch in the living room…

Wait, did I just complain about the lovely smell of apple turnovers and the cushy feel of new leather?

I hate it when I complain.

So deep breaths. This paper is not going to write itself, and I have a full day of work tomorrow, and cleaning the barn after that. So it must be done tonight. And my bedtime is in exactly 43 minutes.

Guess that means I’d better get to work.

I am thankful for my education, I am thankful for my education, I am thankful….

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