TC 20: Seahorses

Today I am thankful for my seahorses, Fili and Kili. These two are the newest to my collection of animals (a birthday present from Husband this summer). They are certainly teaching me a lot about life under the sea.

Seahorses are apparently one of the most difficult marine animals to maintain. They are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings and are very fragile. Life with seahorses has taught me to be very vigilant about the care and attention I provide.

There are also a lot of questions with unknown answers. Believe it or not, there is not a huge seahorse community online. The internet is supposed to hold of the answers to life’s questions, isn’t it? But tonight I am searching and searching and no one can tell me if my male seahorse is pregnant or has an inflated pouch, or both…and I can find no answers.

I am so thankful for my seahorses, it is a true privilege to have them. I just pray that Fili makes it through the night and goes on to live a long life in my tank…

My seahorses, Fili and Kili.

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